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CPCS Smart Cards

From the 2nd of December, anyone who achieves or applies for a red or blue CPCS card will be issued one of the new digital smart cards. The new smart cards use NFC technology so that they can be read by certain devices. This means that tapping the card on the device will bring up your name, photo, categories and endorsements held, getting you on site quicker and easier.

Any future updates to the smart card system will be automatic to all smart card holders! With the introduction of the smart cards a small price increase has been added to the following: Card Upgrades, Extensions, Renewals and Replacements - going up from £25 to £28 CPCS Renewal Tests - going up from £25 to £28 If you'd like to change your current card to a smart one before you need to upgrade or renew is you can request one early by ringing the CPCS helpline on 0844 815 7274.


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Currently we are postponing all work activities until further notice. If you have an operator card that has expired recently or is due to expire please see the Coronavirus Update from CPCS which urges