The CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test

The CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test (sometimes known as the touch screen test) is in place to make sure that all construction workers meet a minimum level of health, safety and environment knowledge and is normally needed to gain access to and start work on most construction sites in the UK.

For CPCS Scheme purposes, whenever you want to take a CPCS Technical Test, upgrade or renew a CPCS Card you need to have completed one of these tests within the last 2 years. This shows that you are maintaining the correct level of health, safety and environment knowledge as a plant operator.

What You Need to Know

The CITB Health, Safety and Environment test is taken on a computer, and the majority of the questions are provided in a multiple choice format. There is also a case study section which tests how you would react to different situations.

There a five main topics that the questions are selected from. These include health and welfare, general safety, the environment, high risk activities and the legal and management side.

There are different levels of the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test available. For plant operators needing to pass the test for CPCS purposes you need to take the basic Operatives test. If you have completed a higher level version of the test because your job role requires it, such as Supervisor or Demolition, then this will cover you for CPCS purposes as well.

Revision Materials

We would recommend putting some revision time in before your CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test. CITB offer a few different ways for you to do this:


Question and Answer Book - Nice and easy, no gadgets required!

DVD for Windows - This lets you revise the questions and then run through mock tests on your computer. This is a great way to get familiar with how the test works.

Download for Windows - The same as the DVD, but you can just download it instead of waiting for it to come in the post.

Smartphone/Tablet App - Revise and practice the questions on your phone or tablet!

Revision materials can be bought online (click the link below), when booking your test over the phone or you can get the app's from the Google Play/Apple store.

How to Book

The test can be booked by ringing 0344 994 4488, or on-line by clicking the button below. 


The test currently costs £21.


There are some companies that will book the course on your behalf, but this may cost you more money! If you want to keep the costs down book directly!

Further details of the CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test can be found on the CITB website. 

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